Packing Tape

Main packing tape and acrylic adhesives and hot melt rubber resin

We handle all trade measures:

  • 2" x 164'
  • 2" x 492'
  • 3" x 492'
  • 2" x 3000'
  • 18" x 3000'

Filament Tape

This type of tape is used to create products that are seal reinforced, these are available to the public to prevent them from being stolen materials before purchase

Presentation of .6" x 108'

Finger Tape

Ideal for crafts, because this tape protects the fingers to maneuver as wired edged materials for cars

Measure 18 mm x 59'

Double Coated Tape

In paper and polyester materials such as foam

Ideal for bonding two surfaces in measures .70' x 70'

Duct Tape

This tape has a high tensile strength can even contain liquid or air at moderate pressures, is for them that is very convenient to use in repairs within the air conditioning ducts and pipes in the industry

We market measure 2" x 164'

Delimit Tape

Delimit Tape bounding space within its facilities in various colors


  • 2" x 33'
  • 3" x 33'

September 2017

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