Cardboard Box with Cardboard Pallet

With this kind of pallet we eliminate the consumption of wood pallets

Cells with Cardboard Base

Separates and protects products independently

Cell Box for Small Pieces

Contains and retains the products making them stackable and easily accessible

Cases of Poliform

It gives damping to the pieces and greater protection than just a polyethylene sheath

Machinery Pallets

Made of solid wood and designed to balance the loads

Packing Tape

Main packing tape acrylic and hotmelt adhesives

Steel Strip

It is the perfect choice if you require a larger grip with which materials grouped are too heavy

Tray for Delicate Pieces

This packaging goes inside other packaging to protect the piece

Soft Base Support for Delicate Pieces

Protect and care avoiding the scratch of the piece

Cut and Weld of Plastic Boxes

Transforming the line boxes and climbed to the extent that the customer requires

Full Packing

We protect every piece of the package

Strapping Machine for Plastic Strapping

Measures strip 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4"

September 2017

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